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  • Founded in 1972

Moderne Tech Corporation was launched in 1972 by a team of engineers whose strong background in forging and machined was gained through years of experience working for a famous Japanese car manufacturer based in Taiwan. From the beginning Moderne Tech chose to specialize in developing manufacturing technologies for aluminum alloy forging and focus efforts on the engineering and development of lightweight and high strength bicycle components for the high end racing and sporty bicycle market. With over 40 years of continuous refinement to its core forging technology, the company has grown to be recognized as one of the most technically skilled and well managed alloy forging manufacturers in the high end bicycle market.

Moderne Tech is conveniently located in the Taoyuan Industrial Park with easy access to the following transportation:
  • 5 minutes to the highway
  • 20 minutes to the High Speed Train Station
  • 30 minutes to the Taoyuan International Airport
  • 50 minutes to the Taipei City Center
  • 70 minutes to the Taichung City

allNo. 367 Kao Shih Road Yangmei, Taoyuan 326, Taiwan, R.O.C.

telinfo @ postmoderne.com

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